History of Wakan-Hubbard Lodge 154

Wakan-Hubbard Lodge No. 154 is the is the consolidation of three different Lodges. The first part of the consolidation was in 1986 when Warren C. Hubbard Lodge joined Wakan Lodge. The new lodge, Wakan-Hubbard Lodge No. 1054 met in Irondequoit, NY in the Fame Lodge Hall on Culver Road. In 1989 Penfield Union Lodge No. 154 started talks with Wakan-Hubbard for a consolidation of the Lodges. Penfield Union brought a building to the mix and Wakan-Hubbard brought an active membership. The lodges were consolidated in January of 1990 to form Wakan-Hubbard Lodge No. 154 and the Lodge set its meeting place in the Penfield Masonic Temple building at the four corners of the Town of Penfield.

The Penfield building had a main level with retail spaces with the lodge room and fellowship room on the upper story. For over 110 years the building served the lodge well. In more recent times the leasing of the retail space became an issue as the building never had a parking lot and retailers wanted easy, close parking. We worked with real estate agents to find renters or a buyer.

In March 2016 we left our prior building in Penfield as we sold the build to a buyer who will use the whole facility. We are meeting at Webster Masonic Temple at 30 Orchard Street in the Village of Webster. After over 111 years meeting in Penfield we have left.

The oldest lodge in the consolidation is Penfield Union Lodge 154 which was formed in 1849.

The middle age lodge that forms the current lodge is Warren C Hubbard Lodge 964 named after Rev. Warren C. Hubbard and formed in 1919.

The youngest lodge in the mix is Wakan Lodge 1054 founded in 1926.

For several reasons we are currently looking to consolidate with ERAC Lodge 163. The consolidation is anticipated to be complete before the end of 2018.