Penfield Union Lodge

Penfield Union Lodge 154

Early History for the oldest lodge forming the current lodge.

Our present charter, dated December,26 1849, is the functional authority granted by the Grand Jurisdiction-of the State of New York, permitting us to operate as a recognized Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons.

Previously, on April 5, 1821, a charter was issued to a Lodge designated Penfield Union Lodge #335 F.&A.M., which charter was signed by M∴W∴Daniel P. Tompkins., then Grand Master of Masons in the State of New York and also Vice-President of The United States. The Principle officers were: Nathan Worden, Master Jonathan Baker, Senior Warden and Micheal Dunning, Junior Warden. This Lodge dissolved and surrendered it’s charter during the “Morgan Episode” shortly after 1828.

Dispensation for the organization of Penfield Union Lodge F.&A.M. was granted August 1, 1849 and our first meeting was held under authority of Charter December 26,1849. The meeting was held in Peter Shoecraft’s Hall in Penfield N.Y.

At that meeting the following officers were elected, appointed and installed:
Joseph F.Beach                 Worshipful Master
Jonathan Baker                 Senior Warden
Joshua C. Eaton                Junior Warden
David Bakery                     Treasurer
Samuel Strowger               Secretary
Montgomery Vosburg      Sr.Deacon
Benjamin Whithead         Jr. Deacon
John Pickett                       Steward
Henry Lockwood               Steward
Elisha Marlett                   Tiler

We find the following recorded in the minutes of March 3,1852: Lodge opened at 1:00 o’clock afternoon and a Master Mason Degree was conferred on one brother. The Fellowcraft Degree was conferred on three brothers and a candidate was initiated as Entered Apprentice To complete the day’s labor another brother was then made a Master Mason. The length of time involved is not recorded.

On January 2,1856 a previously instructed committee reported the purchase of a house and lot previously owned by Joseph C. Rich, and for some time there after Lodge met at that place.

On May,20 1857 a vote carried to move the Lodge to the village of Fairport, but that action was rescinded under date of December 9, 1857. Shortly thereafter, Fairport Lodge #476 F.&A.M.was constituted in lieu of transfer and those members of Penfield Union Lodge who had found the new location advantageous to active participation were among the charter members of the new Lodge.

Also, under date of February l, 1857 permission was granted to brethren in Pittsford to form a Lodge which was to become the present Northfield Lodge #426 F.&A.M.

On April,12 1863 similar permission was granted to brethren in Webster to form a Lodge, which subsequently became the present Webster Lodge #538,F.&A.M.

On December 20 1922 our youngest was born; East Rochester Lodge #1020 F.&A.M.

Throughout 1898-1903 the matter of building a new Temple was constantly before the Lodge. The site of our present Temple was purchased March,17 1903 from the Methodist Church. Construction was started immediately and the present Temple was dedicated October 4, 1904. We have occupied this Temple ever since, of course constantly modernizing and improving.

R∴W∴James E. Henderson Sr.