Program Schedule

2017-2018 Meetings of Wakan-Hubbard Lodge 154

The dates of our meetings are listed along with the evenings program

September 2017 11th – The summer in review, the year in preview
25th – Royal Arch Presentation
October 2017 9th – Travel to ERAC Lodge to observe a  observant lodge
23th – Official visit of the District Deputy – dinner before hand
November 2017 13th – First Degree or How to Better the Lodge
27th – Etiquette Instruction by V∴ W∴ Lance Daul
December 2017 11th – Annual Financial Meeting
25th – No meeting due to Christmas
January 2018 8th – Lodge Service Awards presentation
22nd – Second Degree
February 2018 12th – Valentine’s Day Party (location TBD)
26th – Program on the Scottish Rite
March 2108 12th – Recreation and Fellowship
26th – Brother-Bring-A-Friend
April 2018 9th – Third Degree
23rh – Tartan Square Club – Scottish Degree presentation
May 2018 14th – Election of Officers and Grand Lodge report by our representative
28th – No Meeting as this is Memorial Day
June 2018 11th – Installation of Officers